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Each year, our delivery area changes based on customer participation. 

Please read these instructions before purchasing. 

If you need help or have any questions please reach out to us!

Returning customers with the SAME delivery address-

 No need to confirm your address.


Confirmed Delivery Zip Codes

27013, 27014, 27054, 28023, 28027, 28031, 28036, 28078, 28081, 28083,

28088, 28115, 28117, 28125, 28144, 28145, 28146, 28147, 28159, 28166, 28682

if your delivery is in one of these zip codes please

proceed to select items & sign up

we reserve the right to confirm addresses within these zip codes &

will return all payments if we cannot deliver to your address

Our delivery route includes parts of other zipcodes and we are happy to add areas to

the route if there is enough demand.  If your zipcode is not listed, please complete the

DELIVERY REQUEST FORM and we will get back to you soon about delivery to your address.

Checks and Cash are accepted! If you would like to mail payment please send to 

1475 Woodleaf Barber Rd

Cleveland, NC  27013 

please include delivery address and email so that we are able to put payment with correct account

we can also arrange payment pickup

Delivery is set up for a one-time payment at registration

 or weekly payments that begin at registration


if you would like to participate and need or prefer other payment options please contact us. 

We are typically able to accommodate and help out. 

Our goal is to provide the very best customer service possible.  

David & Cheryl

704-202-9678 David  704-202-9692  Cheryl

or email us

Select  from these fresh, delicious options!

Full Season (15 weeks) or 14 weeks
Classic, Petite & Mini
Optional Dozen or Half Dozen Eggs Weekly

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