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Old  Fashioned  Home Delivery

2024 is our11th season of home delivery 
weekly home delivery

From our Farm to Your Door

Our delivery program starts mid/late-April and runs 15 weeks. 

The weather determines our exact start date!

Each week we select the best and freshest varieties in the garden and bring them to your door. 

We plant over 100 varieties of many different vegetables and fruits to ensure

that your box is not the same each week.

  Variety and quality are very important to us and we strive to have the best of both! 


Early spring is full of root crops like carrots & turnips, lettuces, greens, onions and

fresh garlic followed by broccoli, cauliflower and squashes.  Summer brings potatoes,

tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and sweet corn just to name a few.

Add beautiful & delicious eggs from our flock of laying hens to your weekly delivery.

Eggs are available as an add-on with vegetable delivery-we are not able to deliver eggs only.

Farm Pickup is also available for all sizes.

We promise Excellent, Old Fashioned Customer Service

more questions?  check out our FAQ page or contact us


Our most popular size, the Classic will have 8-10 items per week. Classic customers will be the first to enjoy varieties and may receive produce others do not. This size is perfect for familes, couples who cook nightly, those who like to explore recipes and foodies!


The Petite size is just right for couples and families who dine at home a few times each week.  Petite boxes include

6-8 items each week

The petite is perfect

for those who want to try a few recipes and enjoy staple produce.


The mini is great for individuals or families who want to supplement other shopping.   The mini box will include about 4 items each week. This is also a great option for those families who want extra items each week.

Classic (example May 3, 2022)

green garlic, onion, lettuce mix,

baby romaine, bok choy, collards,

Swiss chard & Qt. strawberries.

Petite (example May 3, 2022)
petite may 3.jpg

green garlic, lettuce mix,

koji greens, kale

and Qt. strawberries

mini greens.jpg

spring onions, sm. lettuce mix,

kohlrabi, sm. endive

and pint strawberries

Classic (example July 12, 2022)

grape tomatoes, watermelon,

tomatillos, cucumbers, tomatoes,

okra, 2 types squash, jalapeno peppers

Petite (example July 12, 2022)
petite july 12.jpg

baby eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes,

cucumbers, squash, watermelon

and parsley

mini late summer.jpg

sm. cantaloupe, garlic, tomatoes

zucchini, jalapeno peppers

and tomatillos

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