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Petite & 1 Dozen Eggs
  • Petite & 1 Dozen Eggs


    The Petite size is just right for couples and families who dine at home a few times each week.  Petite boxes include 6-8 items each week for 15 weeks.  The petite is perfect for those who want to try a few recipes and enjoy staple produce.

    1 dozen eggs each week.  Eggs may be brown, olive, green, blue and white.


    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    15 Petite & Dozen
    $37.00every week for 15 weeks
    • Product Information

      Harvested just hours before arriving on your doorstep, the Petite includes 6-8 items for 15 weeks.  Includes a weekly email newsletter with photos, recipes, storage tips, farm news and more!

      Our hens are in a very large open air barn to protect them against the large coyote population in our area.  They are free to roam and fly as they please and enjoy a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as well as a balanced feed.  We love the hens and give them the best care possible each day.  The flock is comprised of many different types of hens and therefore we get many colors of eggs- green, blue, white, olive and several shades of brown!

      Weekly payments begin when order is placed.

    • Cancellation & Refund Policy

      Old Fashioned Home Delivery is not a subscription, it is a 15 week service.  We sincerely hope you will want to continue for the entire program and we strive for the very best customer service but if for any reason you need to skip or discontinue, PLEASE contact us and we will work out a solution.

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