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Old  Fashioned  Home Delivery

2024 will be our 11th year of delivery service
Registration for
2024 Old Fashioned Home Delivery
will be available in January.

Email or call us for more information.
Examples of Old Fashioned Home Delivery 
These are photos of boxes delivered in 2023
classic greens.jpg

classic summer.jpg
Classic-Early Summer

classic late summer.jpg
Classic- Summer

classic week 15.jpg

petite greens.jpg
mini greens.jpg
petite summer.jpg
Petite-Early Summer

petite late summer.jpg
Petite- Summer

petite week 15.jpg

mini summer.jpg
Mini- Early Summer

mini late summer.jpg
Mini- Summer

mini week 15.jpg

Prices range from $340 to $660 for the entire 15 weeks based on size of box, payment method & egg add-on.
2024 price list will be available soon. 
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